Eyal S. Ron, Ph.D.

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     Lexington, MA 02420-1101
     T: +1 617-308-8200
     F: +1 208-740-5966
     E: Eyal@MADASH.com

MADASH, LLC is a consulting company managed by Dr. Eyal S.Ron. MADASH helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to move their product candidates rapidly and cost - efficiently from research and development into clinical trials. Our services significantly enhance the value of your drug candidate. By providing expertise and a wide network of resources, we help you enhance the overall value of your product and company without building costly infrastructure.

Dr. Eyal S. Ron has over 25 years of experience in the development of drugs, biomaterials and drug delivery systems. He has a record of accomplishments for the creation of effective infrastructure for growth. Dr. Ron is effective in combining science with innovative business strategies, having developed and implemented the scientific, regulatory and clinical strategy for several companies. He has in-depth understanding of total development process including project management, clinical trials, regulatory, formulation, drug delivery, QC and manufacturing scale-up. He has contributed to the formation of Cerebrotec, Combinent Biomedical Systems, eNOS Pharmaceuticals, Focal, GelMed/Gel Sciences, Gelesis, InfiMed, Palmetto Pharmaceuticals, Pharmedica and Sensei Biomaterials.

Additionally, Dr. Ron is actively involved in a variety of projects directed at slow release and controlled release of proteins and other drugs from polymeric systems. Under his leadership the following products were developed:

  • Implantable, biodegradable, sustained release devices (products that were approved: Gliadel®, InFuse®, ProLease®)

  • Biodegradable sealants (product that was approved: FocalSeal®)

  • Innovative transmucosal delivery systems for ophthalmic, nasal, esophageal and vaginal administration

  • Oral sustained release products (product that was approved: Marplan®)

    Dr. Ron is the author of over 100 papers, book chapters and abstracts. He is also the inventor of over 40 patents principally in the area of drug formulations, drug delivery, tissue engineering and biomaterials.

    Dr. Ron holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Brandeis and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at MIT. Currently he serves on the Board of Pharmedica, Inc. and holds an Adjunct Faculty position at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health and Sciences and Technology.